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Play with friends, collect sushi, explore huge levels and build anything you can imagine!

Sushi Cat: StoryCraft

After almost a year in development Armor Games is proud to announce "Sushi Cat: StoryCraft World Creator", an online world of unlimited potential. 

Explore a beautiful universe of sushi, monsters, mining, building and crafting. Trade with other players to amass a fortune, explore vast deserts and deep oceans or build a castle made entirely of sushi - the choice is yours! Be whoever you want to be in a world where your only limitation is your imagination!

Please note: We know that there is a significant load time. Please be patient, the long load will only happen the first time you play the game. Please stick with it, we promise it will be worth the wait :) Play the mini-game in the mean time and see how many sushi you can collect.

World Blocks (Work in Progress)

There are 100's of blocks in the game, this is going to take some time to fill out...

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Grass Block: [Info about Grass Block]


Dirt Block: [Info about Dirt Block]


Stone Block: [Info about Stone Block]


Wood Block: [Info about Wood Block]


Latest activity

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