Sushi is the most important item. It is multi-purpose and can be used as currency, food, and building material. Sushi can be earned from mining, crafting, killing monsters, and many other ways.

With seaweed and rice, players can craft their own sushi. Fishing and farming gives the player many more sushi options. Special sushis can be crafted with rare fish that temporarily gives you stat boosts or special abilities.

Types of Sushi[edit | edit source]

Maki Sushi[edit | edit source]

Maki Sushi is the most common type of sushi that can be found and the simplest recipe to make. They can be found in groups of up to four. One seaweed and one rice can make one maki sushi roll (or eight maki sushi).

Gunkanmaki - Gunkanmaki can be made by crafting one maki sushi with one fish egg. Gunkanmaki can also be obtained as a drop from the Gunkan Ikura boss.

Nigiri Sushi[edit | edit source]

Nigiri Sushi is the second most common type of sushi that can be found. They can be also be found in groups of up to four, but are less common than maki sushi. The basic recipe uses one seaweed and two rice to make one nigiri sushi. One rice can be replaced with fish or vegetables to make fish nigiri sushi or vegetable nigiri sushi.

Amaebi Nigiri - Amaebi Nigiri can be made by crafting nigiri sushi with shrimp. Amaebi Nigiri are rarely found throughout the world.

Onigiri[edit | edit source]

Onigiri is technically not sushi in the real world, but it counts as sushi in the Sushi Cat world. Onigiri is made from one seaweed and three rice.

Temaki Sushi[edit | edit source]

Temaki Sushi is cone-shaped. It is made from three seaweed and one rice.

Crafting Sushi[edit | edit source]

Sushi can be crafted from seaweed, rice, vegetables, and fish, which can be obtained by farming and fishing. You will not earn sushi collecting quests with crafted sushi, as only collected sushi counts.

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