Monsters can be found all over the world and drop sushi and other loot. Bosses drop rare items.

Monsters Edit

Kappa Edit

Kappa look like turtles and live in rivers and lakes. You can use cucumbers to distract them if you don't want to fight them when fishing.

Kitsune Edit

Kitsune are foxes that just love to steal sushi from players. Be careful with your sushi if you spot a Kitsune around.

Oni Sushi Edit

Oni Sushi look like sushi, but they aren't sushi! They are the most common monsters that can be found.

Dragon Edit

Large snake like creature that flies and breaths fire. Very rare.

Bosses Edit

Catzilla Edit

Catzilla is the hardest boss currently in the game. He used to be a normal cat who loved to eat sushi, but one day he ate too many sushi and now he can't be stopped.

Gunkan Ikura Edit

Gunkan Ikura is a giant Gunkanmaki. Every sushi-lover dreams of eating the big old Gunkan Ikura. Imagine the stomachache!

Tarabagani Edit

Tarabagani is a giant king crab.