Fishing in the main method for obtaining fish. Players can fish in the river or in the sea, but only certain fish can be caught in rivers.

Types of Fish Edit

There are many types of fish which can be used to craft sushi. There is a chance that a fish can be caught with eggs, which can also be used to craft sushi.

Picture Name Rarity River Sea Notes
Clam Rare X
Cod Common X
Crab Uncommon X
Cuttlefish Common X
Eel Common X X
Giant Squid Very Rare X Giant Squid is the rarest fish in the sea.
Jellyfish Uncommon X
Lobster Rare X
Octopus Uncommon X
Oyster Uncommon X
Pufferfish Rare X They are poisonous.
Salmon Uncommon X X
Scallop Common X
Shark Very Rare X
Shrimp Common X
Squid Rare X
Starfish Uncommon X
Swordfish Very Rare X
Tuna Uncommon X
Turtle Rare X
Urchin Rare X

Junk Edit

Junk can sometimes be caught instead of fish.

Picture Name Rarity River Sea Notes
Boot Common X X Boots can be fished in rivers, lakes, and the sea. They are useless because no one has feet!
Maneki-neko Uncommon X X
Message in a bottle Uncommon X Message in a bottle is an uncommon junk item that can contain a rare treasure map.
Seaweed Common X Seaweed is commonly caught while fishing in the sea.
Treasure chest Rare X Treasure chest is a rare junk item that might contain treasure.