Fishing in the main method for obtaining fish. Players can fish in the river or in the sea, but only certain fish can be caught in rivers.

Types of Fish[edit | edit source]

There are many types of fish which can be used to craft sushi. There is a chance that a fish can be caught with eggs, which can also be used to craft sushi.

Picture Name Rarity River Sea Notes
Clam Rare X
Cod Common X
Crab Uncommon X
Cuttlefish Common X
Eel Common X X
Giant Squid Very Rare X Giant Squid is the rarest fish in the sea.
Jellyfish Uncommon X
Lobster Rare X
Octopus Uncommon X
Oyster Uncommon X
Pufferfish Rare X They are poisonous.
Salmon Uncommon X X
Scallop Common X
Shark Very Rare X
Shrimp Common X
Squid Rare X
Starfish Uncommon X
Swordfish Very Rare X
Tuna Uncommon X
Turtle Rare X
Urchin Rare X

Junk[edit | edit source]

Junk can sometimes be caught instead of fish.

Picture Name Rarity River Sea Notes
Boot Common X X Boots can be fished in rivers, lakes, and the sea. They are useless because no one has feet!
Maneki-neko Uncommon X X
Message in a bottle Uncommon X Message in a bottle is an uncommon junk item that can contain a rare treasure map.
Seaweed Common X Seaweed is commonly caught while fishing in the sea.
Treasure chest Rare X Treasure chest is a rare junk item that might contain treasure.
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